You and the Law

What To Do If Contacted?

When the Child Welfare and Attendance Officer receives a report that a child is not attending school, he/she must follow up on it. This is usually done by a visit to the home.

When you answer the door:

  1. Be courteous and calm.

  2. You will be asked if your children are enrolled in school. You simply answer yes.

  3. Tell the name of the school and offer the phone number.

  4. You may say that your children are in a private school satellite program. He/She will most likely say “thank you” and leave. When he/she gets back to the office he/she will call the school and verify enrollment. That will usually be the end of it.

Don’t panic! This happens often in the fall. Well meaning neighbors are often confused because our children are not in traditional schools. Don’t get angry at them. Try to keep a good rapport with your neighbors by explaining what you are doing and why. If you are contacted a second time by authorities, please follow HSLDA guidelines and politely tell them you will have your attorney contact them if there is a problem.

Then call HSLDA and the school. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is doing a great deal to fight for our freedom to educate our children in the manner we feel God would have us do. All enrolled families of CCS are required to obtain membership in HSLDA. HSLDA corresponds with each member family individually.

HSLDA phone number is (540) 338-5600. Our HSLDA Discount# is 298287 and is under the name of Kenfield Ministries.

Legislative Consultant

Cornerstone Christian School supports the work of Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries. We encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting this worthy cause. Their phone number is (916) 786-3523 and their address is P.O. Box 730 Lincoln, CA 95648.


Be aware that 7th-12th graders are not to be in public during the hours of 8:30am and 1:30pm without their parents.
Please use wisdom regarding this matter.

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