Listed below are the services that the school provides:

1. Record and maintain student school files (cum) that are required by the State of California and our school.

2. Curriculum assistance for elementary through high school.

3. SAT testing in May for third grade to high school.

4. Graduation Counseling for High School students, meetings with parents to evaluate graduation requirements.

5. Competitive sports teams for 7th - 12th grades.

6. Graduation ceremony for 6th, 8th, and 12th grades.

7. Promotion ceremony for K - 8th.

8. Student and teacher I.D. upon request.

9. Read to Succeed program.

10. PSAT testing and information for College board exams; ACT, SAT.

11. College scholarship for CCS graduates.

12. Prepare and send transcript to college.

13. Teacher training for new home schoolers and elementary grades.

14. Teacher training for high school parents on various school paperwork.

15. HSLDA discount